Morgenstern Trio
Morgenstern Trio


Polished technique and musical imagination at Kennedy Center: The Morgenstern Trio gave a smashing debut Thursday evening at the Kennedy Center's Terrace Theater. [...] In works by Ravel, Bernstein and Brahms, the group displayed a unanimity, polished technique and musical imagination that I thought had vanished from the scene with the demise of the Beaux Arts Trio. The Morgenstern has, first and foremost, a pianist of otherworldly skill and sensitivity. [...] I don't believe I've ever heard so many of the string colors and sound effects in the Ravel Trio - certainly not in a live performance. [...] the Morgenstern's clarity of musical detail and technical excellence made this a night to remember. This was one of the best concerts I've heard all season.
Washington Post, USA, read full article...

Three Stars Sparkle: [...] breathtaking virtuoso-criterion [...]
Kleine Zeitung, Austria

[...] highly charged performance created a powerful impact, imbuing the music with an undercurrent of simmering restlessness. [...]
The Australian

[...] Bravissimo! Wonderful playing- all 3 protagonists. A truly electric, compelling presence- vivid color, rubato, rythmic intensity. Truly a worldclass group. [...]
Harris Goldsmith, Musical America

[...] The Morgpnstern Trio produeed astute' stylish and yssionate-music-making [...]
Incident Light